Welcome to the Porsche page. In this page, not like the Ferrari one, you will see more media but less information. I hope you don't give that much importance to the rest but share the importance with every brand I have. THEY ARE ALL IMPORTANT!


Professor Ferdinand Porsche initially started the company called "Dr. ing. h. c. F. Porsche GmbH" in 1931, with main offices at Königstrasse in the center of Stuttgart. The company offered motor vehicle development work and consulting, and did not initially build any cars under its own name. One of the first assignments the new company received was from the German government to design a car for the people, a "Volkswagen" in German. This resulted in the Volkswagen Beetle, one of the most successful car designs of all time. The first Porsche, the Porsche 64, was developed in 1939 using many components from the Beetle.
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My Thoughts

I think most of Porsche's cars are environmental friendly, as they stated uses different materials that are mostly environmental friendly and also there are a very small amount of waste puffed out from the tube (I don't know that they are called) behind the car and it rarely does too. This makes Porsche's car care to the environment and the amount of global warming in this world would be lowered a lot. But, even though you think it's good, but for me, I think that Porsche's cars are very expensive, especially the 911, Cayman and Boxster. This should problem is why people prefer normal cars than all these cars. This, links with the AOI "Human Ingenuity" because it is a BAD consequence of making this creation even though it is environmental friendly (good consequence) and good-looking (good consequence).

Photo Gallery

These are pictures of different cars with most of them about the exterior view while there is one picture which is interior view. 



The following will be the Porsche advertisements. The first one is an animated one made by an unknown and the other two are official ones. You can download it at the bottom of the page!
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The link to Porsche's official website is www.porsche.com