This is the Lamborghini page. Lamborghini is my favorite car company and it makes only sport cars which mean that they do not have SUVs or Formula 1s. I like this company very much because there car design and concepts are very beautiful, even though their cars are not that fast, but they sure have a swift and niffy design! Enjoy...


Ferruccio Lamborghini was born during 1916 in a Italian farming village called Renazzo di Cento, Ferrara. He was drafted into the Italian service during World War II where he repaired vehicles. After the war, Ferruccio began building tractors out of his garage using army surplus left behind by the Allied Forces. There was a strong demand for his products and which allowed for him to move into larger facilities. In 1959 the Lamborghini production was extended to burners and air conditioning units. The businesses became so successful that he became one of the wealthiest individuals in Italy.

Ferruccio Lamborghini owned a Ferrari that started giving him problems. The problems could not be solved by the local repair shop so he took it to Modena and confronted Enzo Ferrari himself. Enzo Ferrari, a man known for his arrogance, told Ferruccio that the problem was not with the car but rather with the 'farmer'. After being insulted, Ferruccio decided to build his own GT car.

Automobili Lamborghini SpA was founded in early 1963 at SantAgata Bologna. He used his birth sign, Taurus the bull, as a symbol for his cars. Most of his cars were named in connection with bulls. Giotto Bizzarrini, a former employee of Ferrari was recruited to design and build a V-12 for Lamborghini. The engine was soon completed and produced 400 BHP. Since Ferruccio wanted a GT car and not a race car, the engine was de-tuned to 280 BHP.

In March of 1964, Lamborghini's first production car arrived and was named the 350 GT. The 350 GT was succeeded by the 400 GT and the 400 GT 2+2. When the Miura was introduced, a true super-car, it was named after a famous bull's race, and this practice became a tradition for the House of the Bull.

During its life time, the company has faced some hardships but has been able to pull through due to breath-taking works-of-art such as the Countach, Espada, and Diablo.

In 1973 Ferruccio sold all of his companies and retired to his vineyard in Italy's Umbria province. He died on February 20, 1993 at the age of 77. The company lives on.
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My Thoughts

I think that this company (since I like this company the most) is one of the best car producers in the world. Why? Because they have a very interesting history before they had success this much. Then, you ask me, what does that got to do with the AOIs? Well it does, because it is a positive consequence for Lamborghini's production. I think that their cars also are caring to the environment because you rarely see any smok coming out. That probably is the only fact I can say about most of the cars because that's what expensive cars give to you, less pollution. BUT! Some cars do give you a lot of pollution but that ain't the LAMBORGHINI style! Let's not go any further or else you will think I don't give importance to the other cars!!!

Photo Gallery

You can see that the pictures are ordered from the oldest version (which aren't created anymore) to the latest car invention which is Lamborghini Reventon 2008. So this should help you understand the evolution of the Lamborghini cars.


Here is the advertisement on the newest Lamborghini concept and creation... THE LAMBORGHINI REVENTON! This car is the most expensive and powerful of all Lamborghini cars. The press news said that only 20 will be made so it should be very rare to find this car on the road. Even rarer than the Murcielago or Gallardo which I think is already rare because they are expensive.

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The link to Lamborghini's website is There is one problem with it is that the website requires Flash Player. Their website (Lamborghini's website) is full of graphics and animations so be sure that your computer has a fast and niffy internet connection!