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Enzo Ferrari never intended to produce road cars when he formed Scuderia Ferrari (literally "Ferrari Stable", and usually used to mean "Team Ferrari", it is correctly pronounced "skoo deh REE ah") in 1929 as a sponsor for amateur drivers headquartered in Modena. Ferrari prepared and successfully raced various drivers in Alfa Romeo cars until 1938, when he was hired by Alfa Romeo to head their motor racing department.In 1940, Alfa Romeo was absorbed by the Fascist government of Benito Mussolini as part of the Axis Powers' war effort. Enzo Ferrari's division was small enough to be unaffected by this. Because he was prohibited by contract from racing for four years, the Scuderia briefly became Auto Avio Costruzioni Ferrari, which ostensibly produced machine tools and aircraft accessories. Also known as SEFAC (Scuderia Enzo Ferrari Auto Corse), Ferrari did in fact produce one race car, the Tipo 815, in the non-competition period. It was the first actual Ferrari car (it debuted at the 1940 Mille Miglia), but due to World War II it saw little competition. In 1943 the Ferrari factory moved to Maranello, where it has remained ever since. The factory was bombed by the Allies in 1944 and rebuilt in 1946, after the war ended, and included a works for road car production. Until Il Commendatore's death, this would remain little more than a source of funding for his first love, racing.

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My Thoughts

I think Ferrari has many elegant and beautiful cars with red as their main theme, I think if they would create more cars, Ferrari would become one of the most successful car companies in the world. I think that Ferrari cars link with the AOI "Human Ingenuity" because Ferrari cars is an invention that has both good and bad consequences. Let's start with the good first.

Ferrari is a company that uses different technology and makes the creation of the car easier and we will need to use less natural resources to create one car. Not only that, but they have very few factories, which means they will not create that much pollution and that links to the AOI "Environments" because then we would have less global warming problems.

But, if you read paragraph above, you might think sport cars are the best but not at all. If sport cars become one of the most famous cars in the world, and more than 60% of the world's population use it, I think the death rate of humans will increase a lot. Why? It is because everybody will drive at a high speed and there will be more crashing on the road we drive on everyday. 

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