Piecha Design offers an aerodynamic body kit, wheels, exhaust and several more enhancements for the SLK 


A new and comprehensive body and wheel package for the 7 Series.


The Mercedes-Benz successful E-Class is being updated with another successful coupe. There is a motto given to this car by various sources for car updates that this car is "sporty yet roomy". Check it out.


Another Gran Turismo production from the BMW 5 Series, this Gran Turismo is the production-destined rendition of the Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) development idea. For the first time, this concept car combines the looks and appearance of a sporty BMW Sedan, a modern Sports Activity Vehicle, and a classic Gran Turismo. It has a indescribable appearance that can be very hard to describe because it’s “a little bit of this, a little bit of that” (just if you’ve heard that song).






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Mercedes-Benz announced a new grand edition car, the CLS Grand Edition.  matte paint finish and laurel wood interior trim are just some of the features in this special edition CLS. A few increases and decreases (positive ones) makes this car to ultimate Grand Edition


Porsche has done another brilliant update to their collection of car. Porsche's naturally aspirated GT3 receives a larger engine (3.6 liter to 3.8 liter) and an increase in power (415 to 435 hp). This increases the cars speed but makes to car heavier.


A carbon fiber body package for the older R230 body style.


Hamann BMW X6 Tycoon. The shininess appears as a traditional look to this car.


G-POWER broke the long-standing record of the BRABUS Rocket for the fastest sedan in the world with this twin-supercharged M5. Check it out! I have no idea why they use the word "hurricane" but it surely does match with the car's design and overall appearance. The source of information also used the words "G-Power BMW M5 Hurricane RS World Record".


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